Eye Of The Tiger.

"People soften by the forced reflection that comes with loss" - Into The Wild

Ask away

Anonymous: purple green orange white grey and black

Purple… 1) my rooms white, red and black. 2)i have pictures of loved ones all over my room 3) i have two computers in my room 4) i have a desk that all my friends have signed and i do artwork on 5)its messy 6)i have a lot of books 7) i have starfish on the walls (dried) 8)i have art all over my room 9)my closets pretty big 10) my beds my haven.

Green… 1) i have a big booty 2) i have freckles in the summer 3)i have two tattoos 4)my natural hair colour is dark brown 5)my nipples pierced 6)i have a freckle on every part of my body.. 7)i have hazel eyes 8)i am curvy, big boobs, big butt small waist.

Orange… 1)its BIG 2) there is every single culture in my city 3)it has two well known landmarks. 4) i love it 5)there is a lot to do and see 6)its in Canada 7)probably my fav place thus far 8) visit the aquarium.

White…1) im brutally honest, if you ask for my opinion i will give it to you even if it may hurt.  2) I love to make people happy and laugh 3)i am VERY sarcastic.

Grey….1) my puppy, she brings joy to me every single day and she just makes me happy even when im sad. 2) My friends, they are my support system, and i dont know what i would do without them.

Black… I don’t like anyone right now, im just focusing on me and my happiness at this point.

Purple: 10 facts about my room.
Blue: 9 facts about my family.
Green: 8 facts about my body
Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
Orange: 6 facts about my home town.
Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).
Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
White: 3 facts about my personality.
Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

(Source: keepitfr3sh)